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Since their introduction in 1986, these stellar coins have been extremely popular. Collectors appreciate their unusual beauty - the obverse is struck with all the Walking Liberty image made famous on U.S. half-dollars from 1916 to 1947; the reverse comes with a heraldic eagle grasping arrows in one single talon plus an olive branch within the other, drawing comparisons to the Great Shield of the united states of america.

So just how do you choose which version to purchase? The solution to that concern generally speaking depends upon the main reason that you're buying the coins into the beginning. Are you purchasing silver as an investment? If that's the case, an investor shall have a tendency to prefer coin rolls, mainly for the reduced premium.

Are you a serious collector? Most collectors will prefer the various sets, like the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle set and others for their higher admiration possibilities.

Before you make up your mind which kind of coin to buy, let us look at the main characteristics of this Silver Eagle Rolls and the coin itself:

• They are sold in U.S. Treasury rolls of 20 coins.

• The Silver American Eagles themselves are certified "Brilliant Uncirculated" or "BU."

• They are often called Mint Gem BU coins.

• Each coin fulfills the certified requirements regarding the U.S. Mint for weight (1 ounce), purity (99.9%) and content.
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It is it the gold coin that is cheapest to purchase now? Does it have the cheapest premium over other popular gold bullion coins?

Read on and find out...

In a gold bull market, your ultimate objective would be to own as much units that you can during the peak associated with bull market.

To do so, you intend to choose the most gold for the money at any given time.

To make this happen goal, you will want to purchase the gold coins with the premium that is lowest (cheapest!) at that time you are making your purchase.

With the large number of gold bullion coins available for sale, how can you determine which can be the cheapest one to buy?

Here's the way you determine the premiums on gold coins: